∞loop - heidi.

1. ∞loop
2. 霞
3. Pain
4. Daze

eeeeeeeeeeeeeew......... here's a bit of a review. ^_^ cus i'm bored and i wish there was a community like bestfiction but for jrock and visual kei. i'm not gonna post download links or anything because i've heard of several mediasharing blogspots that got closed down, but posting a few thoughts on it could be nice, even if noone would read it. :)

sooo, i love heidi. i've been a big fan of them since they started out, though i just recently got back into jrock and i haven't listened to them for ages. after some backlogging of shattered-tranquility.net, i've found out they went major earlier this year. i'm not sure if this has affected their music, and although i enjoy this single a lot. it's nothing more than good. the first three songs on the single are very similar and lighthearted. it's not my favorite sound of heidi., but it's good music, nonetheless. and i adore yoshihiko's vocals. 

my favorite songs from this release are the first and last tracks; ∞loop and Daze. i espescially love the guitars in both songs. yoshihiko's vocals in Daze's chorus makes me all bubbly inside. 霞 (Kasumi) and Pain don't really stand out on this single, to me. as i said, they don't carry a sound of heidi. that i'm a big fan of. i have a feeling i would think different if i knew the lyrics, though. overall, it's a solid release. a pretty perfect single to warm up to their first major album release, named 閃光Mellow. i'm so excited! 

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