1) Who is the biggest dumbass you know?

2) What is your favorite kind of cheese?
cheez doodles or cheese doodlz or whatever. i really dont like any other kind of cheese. *shivers*

3) What county were you born in?
Karlstad Kommun, Värmlands Län, Sverige.

4) Automatic or Manual?

5) Does tequila make your clothes fall off?
LOLNEVERHADTEQUILA. but errr possibly?

6) What is the biggest piece of furniture you own?
i dont own any furniture

7) Have you ever licked the cheese off a Dorito & not eaten it?
LOL NO................................ GROSS

8) What song would you like to be listening to right now?
Gazette's new song VALOLSOMETHINGINCAPS but cba unzipping

9) Innie or outie?
innnnnnnnnie + happy trail

10) What’s the name of the last movie(s) you rented?
lol who rents movies these days

11) Do you know anyone you would like to get in trouble?

12) If so, what would you do?
get him dead tbh

13) Are you a tactful person?
what does tactful even mean

14) Have you ever told someone they didn’t look bad when they asked when they actually did look bad?
not that i can recall lol im quite honest when it comes to stuff like that tbh

15) Do you question the norm?

16) Do you like to pop other peoples zits?

17) Are you guilty of handing out unsolicited advice?
BIG WORDS ARE BIG.............

18) Do you prefer to give or receive presents?
i hate receiving presents because if im really grateful i cant show it properly and if im not grateful its just awkward. i also never buy anyone presents mostly because im scared of disappointing people but... yeah.

19) Have you ever ridden a horse?
yes. :( memories. i miss it.

20) Do you own a deep fat fryer (fry-daddy)?

21) Do you like the smell of Ketchup?
never realized ketchup had a smell

22) Have you ever re-gifted anyone?
what's re-gifted?

23) Have you ever smoked pot?
i wish

24) Are you an impulsive person?
sometimes, depends on situation

25) Have you ever committed a Random Act of Kindness?
yes like i totally gave this random guy porgus skins LOL ...

26) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3 pairs that i use and like, a ton of other pairs i havent used in ages.

27) Do you read shampoo bottle & etc. in the shower or bathtub?
nope, i do when im on the toilet tho

28) Does it bother you when someone you know, other than your family members, feels free to just walk in your house without knocking?
never happened to me.

29) Do you know anyone who has the uncanny ability to be able to (accurately) finish your sentences?
no not that i know

30) Give me another word for penis.
COCK <- MOST AWSUM WORD IN THE WORLD and turns me on omnomnom

31) Give me another word for vagina.
vagoo..... not sure where that came from

32) If you could own your own company or business, what kind would it be?
mmmmm i get random ideas like this all the time but cant remember any atm.

33) How many pets do you have?

34) Have you ever had a “Fling?”
whats a fling

35) Nachos or Pretzels?
WTF ARE PRETZELS. nachos i think

36) Do you think Brad & Angelina will last?
:S what happened to braniston

37) Do you care?

38) Who makes you laugh the most?
tolga..... always

39) Do you consider yourself a beautiful person on the inside?
i never thought of myself as beautiful, but i guess so

40) Do think Michael Jackson is a freak or just misunderstood?
didnt MJ die?

41) If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?
big brother LOL

42) Do you like lightning bugs?
fireflies? YUS

43) Have you ever had sex on a trampoline?
......... no but that would be interesting and the idea of it kind of turns me on

44) Have you ever had to have an enema?
whats an enema

45) Have you ever gotten an autograph from a professional athlete?
do hockey players count as athletes lol

46) Who is the biggest slut you know (male or female)?

47) When I say the word ASSWIPE, who comes to mind?

48) Have you ever let someone have something that was very special to you?
yeah.. CDs and stuff lol

49) Can you sing well?

50) How many times a day do you poop?
errrrrrr never more than once

51) What is your favorite website?
feels like this should be quite obvious but idk, aionsource? lmao

52) Do you consider yourself an addict of any kind?
yes.. im addicted to tolga and the internet

53) If your closest friend’s companion came on to you would you tell your friend?
:SSSSSSSS no comment

54) What is your favorite song to make fun of?
can't think of any..

55) Do you laugh a lot?
yes, when i talk to tolga

56) Do you cry a lot?
well idk but i cry easily lol

57) Have you ever saved anyone’s life?

58) What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
errrrrr.... whats relax ;o

59) Do you ever count sheep?
no :S just... no :S

60) Did you enjoy this survey?
no -_- TOO LONG AND DEMANDING so not gonna format this

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