eyecandy and earcandy. best combination ever?

i've been too low lately. PMS has been getting to me the past days. weird dreams. i installed Windows 7 yesterday! quite exciting, i like it a lot. but sadly my PC is still as hopeless. there's something corrupt with some techything which makes my PC crash while running TERA, which is rather annoying. i've also been having issues with my Razer Naga drivers, so i can't use it properly. i haven't been able to fix it so it's in a box right now. i can't play MMOs without my Naga since i'm a noob. frustrating since i just recently payed for a month of Aion. ordered the last clothing items for winter. ended up with hair elastics instead of a bracelet from H&M. i don't know if i care enough to return it, i wanted to cancel the order anyway so.

other than the past days which have been chaotic, life is been nice. i need to read a few pages of Sophie's World for our philosophy class for tomorrow, i also have only a few pages left of Eating Animals. i don't miss meat at all. i ate a few slices of ham a while back. i used to be addicted to that stuff, but now i've lost the taste for it. fall break next week. i don't look forward to it. getting out of routines. i've been away from school too much as it is. also, i bought Tablo's new album on iTunes. i forgot to backup my iTunes music folder when installing Windows 7, of course. and re-download of previous purchases isn't available in the Swedish iTunes store. i have the files on my phone, so it's not a big deal regarding the files themselves. but it's absolutely shit that they tell you that you can re-download it, you buy it, and then you don't get what you pay for. you look shit up, find the fineprint and go. oh. should count as false advertising, seriously.

on a more positive note, today we went to Aquaria with the class. it was fun. it was a small place which was disappointing, but the animals were fascinating. took a few pictures on my cellphone that i might post later. but while the guide was feeding the fish, i couldn't stop wondering how the fish felt being there. i mean, it was a small place. i'm sure it was quite similar to their natural environment, but it just seemed too small to me. and something i read somewhere kept bugging me, about aquarium and zoo animals not being fed like usual to make them more excited when the guide comes to feed them and etc. i don't know if that's true or anything, but it was just in the back of my head all the time. but they seemed well-kept and the staff semed great, so i'm sure they're fine.


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