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i'm bored as fuck and found this on tumblr while procrastinating so let's procrastinate some more and then fold laundry and then watch terra nova.

1. who was the last person you held hands with? Tolga!
2. are you loud, outgoing, or shy? neither, i'm an introvert, but that does not necessarily mean i am shy. because i am not.
3. who are you looking forward to seeing? Tolga. in winter. for christmas. in December. OH MY GOD I CAN NOT WAIT. :3
4. are you easy to get along with? i sure am, since i tend to avoid conflicts unless it's a person i am very comfortable with and know no matter how much we argue we will still be close. i have none of those. (except for Tolga, of course)
5. have you ever given up on someone, but then gone back to him or her? no, i never gave up that time.
6. if you were drunk, would the person you like take care of you? i hope so. but the other way around is more likely.
7. do you think you'll be in a relationship two months from now? i know i will!
8. who from the opposite gender is on your mind? Tolga. :3
9. does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? only if the person i am talking to is making me uncomfortable.
10. who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? what classifies as a deep conversation? beloved, i suppose!
11. what does your most recent text say? commercial from my phone carrier. i don't get many texts.
12. how do you feel about abortion? i feel everyone should have choices.
13. do you like big crowds of people? they tend to be noisy, so no, loud people tend to get on my nerves.
14. do you believe in luck and miracles? i do, but not in any religious or supersticious way.
15. what good thing happened this summer? going to Gotland was great. spending time with Tolga was greater.
16. would you kiss the last person you kissed again? a million times over.
17. do you think there is life on other planets? planets aren't the only objects in the universe able to carry life, you know. but yes, i can't imagine there not being life on other objects in space.
18. do you still talk to your first crush? no, and that's not something that i miss.
19. do you like bubble baths? i do, but they're too time consuming. it's funny because i used to despise taking showers, but after showering with Tolga for a week, taking a bath is kind of not on the map at all. i prefer spending my time on other things.
20. do you like your neighbours? i certainly have no reason to dislike them, that i know of. but i don't know them well enough to like them.
21. what are your bad habits? picking scabs. i just can't stop.
22. where would you like to travel? all over the world, but more specifically, i would really like to travel to Iceland, Northern Norway, Greenland, Scotland. and the Netherlands, to visit Tolga.
23. do you have trust issues? i suppose i do have those deep-kind of trust issues..
24. favourite part of your daily routine? walking from the subway to school, i guess. it's a nice walk in the mornings.
25. what body part are you most uncomfortable with? wouldn't that be obvious? i'm not 100% comfortable with my tummy, but i am most of the time.
26. what do you do when you wake up? most probably help sunny or dollar down from my bed, or check my phone.
27. do you wish your skin was lighter or darker? never thought of it! i think the shade of my skin is fine, only wish it was cleaner and healthier.
28. who are you most comfortable around? Tolga.
29. have any of your ex's told you they regret breaking up? i suppose not.. i don't have many exes.
30. do you ever want to get married? i don't find it that important, but why not? i've never dreamt of princess weddings and such, but i would love if it was a small ceremony only with the closest people somewhere in nature.
31. is your hair long enough for a pony tail? yuppers. planning on getting it cut, though.
32. which celebrities would you like having a threesome with? i can't think of anyone but Juno Temple. Tolga better approve.
33. spell your name with your chin. weserjuikm<az
34. do you play sports? noppers.
35. would you rather live without tv or music? tv, i never watch tv.
36. have you ever liked someone and never told them? of course, i crushed on many people during my early teens.
37. what do you say during awkward silences? either nothing, or something that makes it all the more awkward. most of the time i try to keep myself from laughing, i really enjoy awkward moments.
38. do you think age matters in relationships? it doesn't matter much to me, but i've not given it much thought.
39. what are your favourite stores to shop in? H&M and Asos, Indiska, Urban Outfitters, Monki.. however i don't own a single piece from the last two. i like cheap.
40. what do you want to do after high school? live with Tolga, study a lot of different courses at the university and then get a degree in astronomy or environment or something along those lines.. i want to learn Icelandic and learn more Korean and some Dutch.
41. do you believe everyone deserve a second chance? completely depends on the situation, but many times, i would say no. but then i would anyway.
42. if you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean? it doesn't mean anything specific, that's simply the way i am most of the time. you should worry if i become very talkative.
43. do you smile at strangers? i do, at least once a day. i want to do it more.
44. trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean? both are terrifying. outer space.
45. do you want a roommate? yes. Tolga!
46. what are you paranoid about? whenever i take photographs i get scared i will drop the camera or phone, espescially if i am shooting over water. i have no wrist strap on my camera. when the subway train goes extra fast and breaks extra hard i always think we're about to crash.
47. what was the meanest thing someone ever said to you? forgotten by now, i can't think of anything.
48. the nicest thing? oh, every word coming out of Tolga's mouth.
49. have you done something recently that you hope noone finds out about? nope, can't think of anything.
50. what language do you want to learn? many! Icelandic, Korean, Dutch, Finnish, Latin, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic..

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