sunny in a box & an hour in the sun

dollar was so excited and had so much fun out on the balcony, had to keep an extra eye on him as he got veeery curious at the birds and i was scared he'd jump into the sky.. but sunny was very hesitant and never got further than our tomato plant. i put sunscreen on but the right part of my body still got a bit burnt, the redness is all gone now though, but it stings a little bit. was very nice to be outside, and my sunglasses let me pretend that i'm tanned. i'd love my own laptop (the one i have now is used by my mom since we payed 50/50..) to work outside but i'm sure the laptop wouldn't appreciate the sun as much as i do. my room is so boring and uninspiring and i wish my window was on another wall and bigger. i also wish i had a bigger bed that's a bit closer to the floor instead of the ceiling. and i wish my cats would get over their obsession with drinking water out of the bathtub tap and just drink out of their bowl again even if i hate that bowl because it's so hard to clean and it's such a hassle to refill the water.

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