우린 끝이라는 건 없어

so today i studied a lot of Korean. it's really a lot of fun, but my weakness is memorizing stuff like days and numbers. even though i use a korean pc calendar i barely remember the days, lol. i used to practice a lot remembering the sino-korean numbers, but now i only remember one to four. so i've put little post-its on my screen so i can practice when i'm at the pc. it's going to be a real challenge remember espescially six, which is 륙/육 depending on how it's used. my favorite korean number is probably eight, 팔, because there's a curse word called 시발, which people "spell" 18. i think i learned that through Heechul.

i also finished my first hardback moleskine (third moleskine total) which wasn't quite as exciting as i thought it would be. i filled the last pages with info about some religious people like Billy Graham and Muqtada al-Sabr, for school. very interesting. anyway i kind of cheated with starting on my next Moleskine, which is a large plain hardback, by sketching websites and other stuff for school, so it feels sort of lame. i kind of regret doing that now. QQ. oh well, there will be other moleskines. anyway the first pages of "real" writing is just Korean studies. marking particles and some words i don't remember often and stuff, lots of fun. i've also printed out the workbooks from talktomeinkorean.com, which are sort of like tests on what you can remember from the mp3/pdf lessons they provide (which are great btw) and they're lots of fun. i'm on level one lesson seventeen at the moment, and it's been very easy so far and it's mostly stuff i already know, but i've learnt a lot too! they're already publishing level five lessons so i really want to catch up with that. i took a peek on the latest one and it was actually some stuff i already knew in there, which i thought was funny. but i'm kind of like that, i pick up on grammar rules and such very quickly without realizing it, so it's nice to have someone explaining how it works. rambling.

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