notice how all the last posts has been Oh! biased? HA. i'm completely in love with the girls' new album. i also got my stationary computer back, and one of the first things i did was download Oh! MV in full HD. I LOVE K-POP FANDOM SO MUCH for providing so much eyecandy and /drool-worthy thingies. i'm also downloading the first episodes of 24 season 8. it's the last one, isn't it? i remember back last year when i was obsessed with 24 and watched the first 6 seasons under 1 month. lol. and i used to note down my thoughts and impressions in a pink notebook, i still have it. and then i'd color the text and stuff. and write down SHINee's schedule. HAHA. i was really obsessed. good times, anyway. i got girls' generation (almost) discography downloaded as well. in AAC. jsdhfjgfjsd. earorgasm. also caught up with the latest releases, CN.Blue are REALLY good, and of course TVXQ's new BREAK OUT and FINALLY a studio version of Junsu's XIAHTIC. idk if Key's in it though, haven't listened. U-Kiss' new track, Without You is pretty decent. i like Finally better though. then there's Aoyama Thelma's new single feature Taeyang. also only decent songs. i also have 2AM's and TRAX' new stuff downloaded but i haven't listened through it yet. i really do love backlogging bestfiction, but listening through all the stuff at the same time is a bit meh. hmm. what else. i'm downloading Aion through NCLauncher atm. it's fucking SLOW. 4.6GB left of the files. but that's fine, skipping Aion tonight. gonna watch 24 and get Photoshop installed. :) the episodes just finished downloading so i guess i'm off to do that.

+ http://t.lab.naver.com/firefox/
THIS. this is the best firefox theme ever. also loving the extremely short shortcut in the "naverbar" to reach my mails. i had 150 unreads since i haven't been able to access my mail on the laptop.. mostly spam from some MMO site though, a few the selby mails, forums missing me and a order confirmation of Oh! :D arriving february 10th, according to yesasia. really can't wait!

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