diz iz blogpost.

changed BGM. finally got bothered to unzip those Misty Blue albums i've had on this laptop for months. yum. love it. so it's 2010. i miss the fireworks. i really love fireworks. can't wait for next new year's eve. i didn't take any pictures. ._. stupid! meh. hmm. brother ordered a new harddrive for my computer. hopefully getting fixed soon. explored the back of pandaemonium yesterday. was so much fun.

this is what happends when you fall off the end of the world. xD

also left Plan B to join Solus Atrum.. the boss raids went crap. lol. wiped on Chieftain Kasi or whatever her names was, and wiped several times on Queen Alukina. meh. 150k spend on soul heal. oh well. hope it goes better today.^^
need to wash some dishes, sort my clothes for laundry tomorrow and something else i forgot.. boring.

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