more nostalgia

Spent half day sleeping and the other half watching 미생. Coming back to life again. Nostalgic.
Best moments of 2014?
140223. Supreme Boi retweeted me. Supreme Boi is on Bangtan's twitter timeline which means my tweet was on their timeline and Namjoon saw my tweet for sure. Not a big deal but. It was a beautiful day and it counts. And Bangtan retweeted Emily. Huge.
140226. ASC. Just as an audience member but it was cool. I was on camera quite a bit in the beginning.
140227. Mnet Meet&Greet. Bangtan acknowledged me and read my message and dlkjfglfg.
140409. I asked Verbal Jint to say something controversial on twitter and he said "Fuck 고구마핏자". Legendary.
140528. ASC After Show. Let's just say I still can't believe???? this????? happened?????????
140625. Namjoon commented on one of my fancafe posts. The post was on behalf of one of my favourite artists and had nothing to do with me but. He commented on my post. And he got to take part of amazing art. "w3w".
140728. Saw Bangtan as they arrived at the airport. Complete mental breakdown and I couldn't even look at Namjoon and yeah. I realised I was not immune to Hoseok's fan service as he threw hearts through the bus window.
140729. Showcase and high five event. An even worse mental breakdown. I don't like to talk about it because I don't remember much.
140804. Namjoon wore this random as hell shirt I left in his gift box at the showcase. It wasn't worth taking a picture of and I kind of regret that now because I would've wanted to be able to verify it but oh well.

It's not like the rest of the year has been forgettable, it's just that nothing significant like the above really happened. I did well in school and I ended up on a path that I feel is right for me. I've loved a lot this year and I've been very happy. I shall run the bumps into the ground and keep struggling. 2015 will be good.

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