it's the 25th. orientation on 27th. :| euuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. sooooo. tolga left 2 weeks ago and then i was super depressed and im still kinda depressed but at least i can get myself to shower and brush my teeth now. the first days were easier because THE INTERNATIONALLLLL 3 so i was just busy watching that and enjoying bailey's. just about getting back into all of the routines. everything still sucks but uhm. it's getting better. i just hoped i would be back to 100% normal by the time school starts? but i am so not okkk. the first week is just fun activities that i'm not completely sure i'll attend because i'm short on money and need to be careful with how much i travel until i get study aid and can get a subway card but also because i'm awkward as fuck. i wish i knew someone who's starting too so we can hold hands until all of the social dynamics settle haaaa. :( i'm hoping some other people feel the same? or is it just me? i am clueless to how people work but ah well. exo has been good kids and distracting me lately, since they opened their bwcw collab store earlier this month letter projects have been created cus you can drop them off at the store so i've been writing some of those. i'm really have with my d.o. letter but the rest of them are just.... poop. HAHAHA SORRY. anyway the big 3 have solo artists promoting rn which is amazing tbh, SM with Henry, YG with Seungri and JYP with Sunmi. and ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING. lots of good music to dig to this month. when tolga was here i took a liking bailey's and i'm craving it so bad but i can't afford it HA :( i need to buy some groceries today so i'm gonna buy some bailey's ice cream also. omnomnomnom. i have nothing to say really. looking forward to school starting and at the same time not. so now i cooooooome to yooooooooou with brooooooooooken aaaaarms etc.

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