mr. dentist

today i went to the dentist. i was superparanoid about everything on the way there, espescially on the train. my heart was beating so fast and the train was shaking and etc. :| the dentist office has a self check-in device. kind of cool! zero human contact needed. (lol) the visit resulted in............ no cavities! he x-rayed my teeth an did some cleaning, and that was it. i was running out of the office. walked around the mall a bit. really couldn't find anything to buy in the clothes stores, so i started making my way back to the subway and found a store named "Accessorize". i'm sorry but that store is fucking amazing. it made me dizzy and everything was so pretty. so i went on a quest to buy a wallet. the past years i've used coin purses, and this awfully ugly kids wallet, so i really needed a new one. it's "fake leather", 100% polyrethane. 185:-. eyed the keycharms. definitely getting one someday.. and then i made my way to the obligatory Indiska-stroll. really, i walk around the store at LEAST three times because i'm afraid i'll miss something and everything is so pretty. i found myself staring at the jewelry shelves and realized i wasn't even looking to buy anything, i was looking for the pleasure it made to my eyes. (************_**************) but i ended up with a tea cup and a matching plate, DEFINITELY perfect for my breakfasts. i'm going to use it every day. i also found a little cute bag that's perfect for my citrine (was included with the pentacle), pentacle (bought from an amazing woman online), onyx bracelet (bought at Gotland last year) and prayer beads (vatican, last year). they're my bestest charms, and now they have a bag to match! yay. it's been a rather good day, although i was boiling on the train. i actually even forgot about Maestia, some random f2p game i fell in love with earlier today.

Melancholia ad in the subway! can't wait to watch it.

the fire in Lunda industry area, as seen from our balcony. the cloud is huge. i saw it when passing Johannelund station and everyone were staring out the window.. seriously huge. hope noone was hurt.


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