soooo. i sign off mirc, check some forum threads and allkpop before i go to bed, as usual. i find this post, and of course i get curious, right? who doesn't love hip-hop trios and duos.

this song is...... amazing is all i can think of. i see these comments about this Peter, "oooh korean american?!" (lol bias)

falling more in love with these guys now. this song a great debut single. tho it's obvious the music video is low budget, it's still so.. perfect! i feel i need to watch all the other videos on the channel now.

WAIT WHAT. THAT PETER?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?! THE LONG LOST HOT KOREAN AUSTRALIAN MALE SINGER THAT DID THE SHOWMAN SONG?! i really had forgotten all about him. :( i wonder what happened. he definitely took a different turn! and i'm glad he did. crap i need to find download link to this now. video on repeat. can feel the fangirlkeysmashspazm incoming omg. goosebumps.

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